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NAHRO Election Candidate

Marsha Parham-Green, the MAHRA-endorsed candidate for NAHRO Senior Vice President                                                                                                                                                  

Information on NAHRO's 2021 election is available here.

Hello NAHRO Family,

During these trying times I hope everyone is staying safe and working to keep our communities safe. With this new normal, it is great that we can use these types of platforms to stay connected.

Thank you for allowing me this time to present to you as a candidate for the Senior Vice President. The focus of my campaign is education and advocacy. Education is a key to success, especially in our current environment and provides great knowledge. If elected as NAHRO Senior Vice President, my mission will be to provide and build the necessary resources to strengthen the knowledge of all NAHRO members to enable them to grow as individuals, agencies, and organizations.

Education and advocacy provides public officials the knowledge and ability to make informed decisions. We owe it to ourselves as NAHRO members, our staff and the families that participate in our programs, to ensure that public officials are making informed decisions based upon a clear understanding of our programs before the decision is made. An informed decision hopefully will have an affirmative impact on our programs and assets, creating communities that are diverse and equitable and that allow disadvantaged families to succeed and prosper. But let’s be frank and let me be direct, it’s also time to speak loud and clear. We need to demand Congress to provide us adequate funding, we need to demand that our leaders appreciate and better showcase the hard and amazing work we do, and we must stand firm with a strong message that we will not be left behind the nations other priorities - because without a home, all else fails!

I have served as the Executive Director of the Baltimore County Office of Housing since June 2012. I also served as the Executive Director of the Human Relations Commission. This role and position has given me a unique and unusual perspective into the realm of discrimination, inequity and creating solutions to these disparities for all.

During the 2017-2019 NAHRO term, as VP of Professional Development, under my leadership the PD Committee was able to award it first recognition award. I proudly served on the NAHRO Board of Governors, the Strategic Planning Group, and the CEO Evaluation Committee, and participated in the International Forum. This term I will continue to be a member of the Board of Governors, Professional Development and a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee.

I am NAHRO Certified. I am a Certified Management Executive (CME), Public Housing Management (PHM), HQS. I am a member of the NAHRO faculty.

It is an exciting experience when you get to interact and educate your colleagues on the work that we do and work to continue to enhance our education and development offerings.

I truly hope that you will get to know me better, converse with me, educate me on your needs and desires, and consider electing me to this exciting position.

Thank you and stay safe.

Marsha J. Parham-Green, CME, MA, MNPM
Candidate for Senior Vice President
Information on NAHRO's 2021 election is available here.