Congratulations to the 2021 Rose Marie Coughlin Educational Fund Awardees

Brandon BrownBrandon Brown was sponsored by Baltimore County’s Office of Housing.  Mr. Brandon is attending Loyola University.  He is pursuing a degree in business administration with a concentration in management and minoring in innovation and entrepreneurship.  He is interested in pursuing a career at a mass media corporation or a film production company.  One of Mr. Brown’s instructors from the Writing Department observed that he “distinguished himself early on through his intellectual curiosity and creativity.”  She also wrote that Mr. Brown pursues “actual learning by departing from familiar formulas and taking risks in his writing.”  A Loyola University Associate Professor of Theology wrote that Mr. Brown excelled in her theology course, which was held completely on-line during the pandemic.  She also wrote that his class participation and written work “evidenced [his] ability to understand advanced texts, synthesize complex theologies and philosophies, and think critically about their relevance for life today.”  Finally, she shared that Mr. Brown has worked or interned consistently during his years at Loyola and that he is a “well-rounded, thoughtful, intelligent student.”

Jonierre Tiller was sponsored by Baltimore County’s Office of Housing.  Ms. Tiller is attending the Community College ofJonierre Tiller Baltimore County where she is majoring in Elementary Education.  She wrote that she chose this course of study to share her passion of learning with children.  Ms. Tiller is also working full-time with the Baltimore County School System, raising a family and is involved in ministry.  An Assistant Professor in the Teacher Education Department wrote that Ms. Tiller “is a conscientious student, who completed all assignments and assessments on time, fully participated in our online class discussions and completed an excellent research paper.”  Another reference wrote that one of Ms. Tiller’s passions is teaching children and that seeing a child feeling loved fills Ms. Tiller with joy. 

Lakyah Young was sponsored by Metropolitan Baltimore Quadel and completed her first year at Lincoln University.  This is the second year in a row that Ms. Young has received the Rose Marie Coughlin Award.  Ms. Young loves graphic design and when she entered Lincoln University, she thought she would pursue a career as a graphic designer for the NFL.  However, her first year at Lincoln has exposed her to other career opportunities.  In the fall, she began working in the Lincoln University Office of Athletic Marketing and Communications where she learned about art, videography and the communications industry.  She now plans to major in visual arts with a focus in graphic design and sports management.  One of Ms. Young’s references, the Head Softball Coach at Lincoln University, wrote that she is “mature beyond her years, her leadership skills far exceed that of her peers.”  This reference wrote that Ms. Young has an exceptional ability to multi-task and that she communicates well with her teammates.  The Assistant Athletic Director for the Communications & Marketing at Lincoln University Department wrote that Ms. Young was a student employee in this office and that she “hit the ground running from the moment she was hired.”  This reference also wrote that Ms. Young has a great ability to adapt to any situation and that she takes great pride in her work.





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