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The Hagerstown Housing Authority of the City of Hagerstown, Maryland is seeking candidates for the position of Deputy Director of Housing Operations (DDHO). The DDHO leads a staff of 28, administers 943 Housing Choice Vouchers, manages a portfolio of 1180 public housing units, manages 150 tax credit housing units and operates with a budget of $13.8 million.  A  Bachelor’s degree is required and major coursework in public administration, business administration, or relevant social sciences disciplines will be weighted stronger. Graduate level degrees in similar disciplines will also receive additional weighting.  Related experience on the basis of two years’ experience for one year of college will be considered.  Seven to ten years of upper level management is desired, with preference being given to management experience in HUD Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher programs, and state Low Income Housing Tax Credit programs.  Candidates must have achieved the Public Housing Manager’s Certification, Section 8 Management Certification and a Low Income Housing Tax Credit Certification from a HUD-approved source in addition to Low Income Tax Credit certification from a state approved source or must commit to complete all certifications within one year. Candidates must demonstrate exceptional knowledge, skills, and abilities in key areas that include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) strategic leadership, (2) management efficiency and effectiveness, (3) business and finance acumen, (4) interpersonal relations, (5) communications, (6) the ability to read, understand and implement federal, state and local regulations related to Housing, Services and Security Operations. Candidate must live within 20 miles of Hagerstown or be willing to relate within six months. 

The agency’s website includes additional information on the agency profile, community amenities, and the benefits package.  The compensation for this position is negotiable, depending on the qualifications and salary history of the candidate.   The Hagerstown Housing Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The candidate must pass background checks and pre-employment drug screening. The application must include a one-page cover letter, a two-page resume (including salary history), a one-page summary of leadership / management style, and a one-page listing of three references.  Two hard copies and one email version of the application must be received by 5:00PM Central Time on Monday, December 7, 2015 at this address:

Mr. Stan Quy, NCC, President / Principal
The Organizational Leadership Edg
147 Ginger Cove Road
Valley, NE  68064
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